Outdoor Shed Blueprints - Do It Yourself Garden Shed Projects

Storage space is always at a premium in today's homes.Their wasteful ways don't just lead to a shortage of money; it also leads to a shortage of space. Sometimes some items carry a lot of memories with them while some others may be useful to you at some future point in time.Its time to take back your home and make space for the most important thing in it, you!

A storage shed is just what the doctor ordered. Don't think that making a shed is not worth the trouble, if you have space problems a shed can be a godsend.All it takes is a some days for even an amateur woodworker to complete a shed project.Get your shed building blueprints and follow the directions step by step and before you know it your shed project will be complete.

Function Of The Shed

You must have a clear picture of the purpose of your shed before you begin searching for the blueprints for constructing the shed. Is the shed going to house equipments and machines? Perhaps you would like to store you tractor or maybe even your car in it. Or perhaps you want to use it as an outhouse which you will live in occasionally or use for guests. First you need to make up your mind on how exactly you will make use of the shed, and then it wont be difficult to pick the best shed design to meet your needs. If you want to use the shed for human habitation you may want to make arrangements for electrical fittings for lights and cooling and even plumbing. (Shed Blueprints 10x12) Verify that you leave enough space for framing the doors and windows so that you can get plenty of sunlight and air.

If you plan on storing large items in your shed like a lawn mower or a tractor make sure the doors are wide enough for the things to be easily moved in and out of the shed. Allow for a little extra space inside your shed that you originally want to make room for possible future storage needs. Larger sheds will need approval from your local constructing department so make sure you fill out all the necessary forms beforehand. Before you begin construction make sure you discuss with the local making council.

Construct your Shed From Scratch

You can also build each wall section individually on the ground and later hoist them into position. Finally, the most crucial part of the shed which much is built with the utmost attention to details is the roof. Inexperienced craftsmen will be better off buying pre-constructed roof trusses rather than building them their own. Build the ridge beam first then fasten the joists to it. While attaching the trusses, check that they are square and firmly secured. Cut out the birds mouth carefully.

Once the roof structure is complete lay down the shingles and felt material carefully making sure you insulate any holes or spaces left at the joints. Insulate the connection between the slanted roof sections to make it water proof and to prevent water from dripping through the joints during heavy rains. Protect the roof from rain and snow by covering it with a layer of weather proof emulsion paint.

After the shed has been completed, take good care of it by doing maintenance on it at least once every year. Make sure for loose board or leaks which may have sprung in the roof. Give the shed a new coat of paint at least every 2 years to make it look brand new. During the maintenance work of your shed don't forget to take all the regular safety measures. Wear safety goggles and other protective equipment while handling power tools  or working with sharp pieces of lumber. Follow common safety precautions while handling potentially hazardous equipments and materials.

One of the factors which greatly reduce the life span of the shed is moisture. The shed must be constructed using the sturdiest lumber which is within your budget and easily available in your region. Apply a weather proof emulsion to the walls and roof of your shed to put a final safety layer between your shed and mother nature.

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